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Explore everything from analyzing large collections of complex data to using machine learning and deep learning to model these complexities and make useful predictions.


Explore what it takes to develop some of your favorite games. Use your imagination combined with some programming, learn how to create your own games. 


Use your imagination to build and code vehicles, cameras, animals, etc. and bring them to life with the help of sensors. Learn skills that you can ultimately use to create and code your own robots.


Learn practical programming skills and modern front and backend technologies to create tangible and widespread applications that will serve and impact global communities through innovation.


Understand the programming language behind many of the leading technologies and applications of the era. Learn how you can use Java to transform the world along with thousands of other developers.


Embark on a virtual journey and create your own VR worlds through computer technology while also exploring the applications and development of VR.

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With technology being such a large part of the world, we need to learn how to protect the information so vital to our day-to-day lives. Gain knowledge on what it takes to secure data, info, and more. 


Step into the world of computer science and learn introductory programming skills through block-based programming and an easy-to-use text-based language.

Motherboard Installation

Learn how to build your own computer - from scratch! Customize it to your own needs, and learn some of the fundamentals of computer engineering, which is a vital skill for many computer science jobs!

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