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Intermediate Python Workshop

Led by: Nicholas Yap

Nick, with the help of his high school's Affiliated Coding Club (HACC), organized and ran a free workshop to teach middle school students about Python. The event was a great success with 60 attendees learning the essentials of programming and Python. Amazing job Nick!

Featured in TapInto

Parsippany, New Jersey

Watford, UK

Introductory Scratch - Girl Scouts UK

Led by: Saanjh Lomash

Our first international event! Saanjh, a student at Watford Grammar School for Girls in Watford, UK taught scratch programming to her local Girl Scouts troop during their STEM Week. The troop holds their meetings in the cafeteria of an underfunded school nearby, and consists of about 30 scouts ranging from 4-10 years old. The class lasted approximately 1 hour, during which the Girl Scouts learned how to create their first ever scratch game and were given resources to continue programming in the future!

Summer Camp 2022

Chatham, New Jersey

August 15-20, 2022

Led by: Ishir Rao, Aditya Sinha, Manaal Qureshi

The first annual CS Base summer camp received a fantastic response from our community, with over 100 students and volunteers attending for six days filled with learning and fun! We had five classes running concurrently and held daily guest speaker events with domain experts speaking about their experiences and having Q&As. The camp received attention from across New Jersey, with many government officials visiting the camp and encouraging the students.


Featured in TapInto, Patch, New Jersey Hills, and more!

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