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Distinguished Speakers

CS Base invites speakers with computer science experience to give us an inside view of the ever-changing field. Check out our calendar and join to learn how computer science is being used to change the world, one line of code at a time. For a complete playlist of guest talks, click here.

Previous Speakers:

Kimberly Stachenfeld, Senior Research Scientist, DeepMind

Kim, a senior research scientist at DeepMind, talked to us about her experiences with computational neuroscience, machine learning, and the cutting-edge work conducted at DeepMind. She also discussed the future of AI technology, and gave advice to students looking to be a part of this AI-driven future. Thank you for joining us!

Rishab Jain, AI Researcher & STEM Advocate, Harvard University

Rishab, an incoming freshman at Harvard University for neuroscience, talked to us about his experiences in computational biomedicine, his unique research works, and his journey so far and what his bright future holds for him!

Mayor Ashley Felice and Administrator Ziad Shehady, Chatham Township

Mayor Felice and Administrator Shehady visited our summer camp and answered some questions regarding CS education in Chatham and the impact of community efforts to further Chatham students' exposure to technology.

Assemblywoman Nancy Muñoz, New Jersey State Legislature

Assemblywoman Muñoz visited our summer camp and was interviewed about computer science education across New Jersey and the importance of early CS education.

Council President Irene Treloar, Chatham Borough

Council President Treloar visited our summer camp and answered some of our questions regarding computer science education in Chatham and how the efforts of Chatham High School students benefits our community.

Senator Jon Bramnick, New Jersey State Senate

Senator Bramnick visited our summer camp and answered some of our questions regarding the future of computer science education in New Jersey and his thoughts on summer camps such as ours.

John Hajdu, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science @ Rutgers University


John is an adjunct professor at Rutgers University and a computer science teacher at Chatham High School in Chatham, New Jersey. In the past, he worked as a database analyst and was also an adjunct professor at Kean University. He has also served as the project manager in CS4NJ which aimed to expand CS education access throughout New Jersey along with managing projects at The College of New Jersey.

Sanjay Seth, Technical Project Manager @ Barclays


Sanjay works in finance technology and has over 22 years of work experience. He has worked at Citi Bank, J. P. Morgan, UBS, and Barclays where he has worked on finance analytics and finance technology. He has significant experience with data analysis and data architecture.

Joseph Tivade, Director of Research Informatics @ PTC Therapeutics


Joseph is a director of research informatics at PTC Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical business. Joseph started as a research scientist and later took on the role of head of automation. He utilizes computer science to analyze scientific data in hopes of discovering drugs to treat a multitude of diseases.

Max Garber, International Head of Game Design @ Amber


Max is a game industry veteran who’s been making games for over 20 years. He started as a programmer, coding gameplay and enemies on the PlayStation 2. Since then, he’s led teams on successful game projects for console, PC, and mobile platforms. Now, he’s head of Game Design at Amber, overseeing designers on many exciting game projects.

Dr. Michelle Zhu, Associate Professor of Computer Science @ Montclair State University

Dr. Michelle Zhu is an associate professor at the College of Science and Mathematics at Montclair State University. She has conducted research focusing on parallel and distributed computing and big data systems. She has received over two million in research grants and published about 100 peer-reviewed articles.

Hitesh Aggarwal, Global Product Lead @ Google


Hitesh is currently leading Global Product Management for eWallet Payments, Payouts and Cryptocurrency Payments within Google Pay. Previously, he has worked at Citibank on eWallets and with Citi Ventures in New York and Shanghai, advising companies on Capital Structure, M&A, and Financing. He has been invited as a guest speaker to discuss fintech many times.

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