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Summer Camps

The cumulative school year-end event for all of our chapters where students can collaborate and learn important computer science topics.

2023 Camp is completed!

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Check out our 2022 Summer Camp!


Programming Bootcamp

A beginner course perfect for anyone new to programming! Learn how to use block-based programming in Scratch to create games and use important programming concepts. This course will then transfer into text-based programming with Python, one of the most widely used programming languages.

Qualifications: None!

Java Basics

This course covers the basics of the Java programming language and expands upon prior computer science knowledge. As well as developing an understanding of the syntax, students will use Java to learn skills such as taking inputs from users, printing results, and making calculations. Students will complete many fun and interactive projects during this course such as a number guessing game, a cash register program, and MadLibs!


Qualifications: Some basic prior experience with a text-based programming language (ex. Python, Javascript, C++)


Students will learn how to code using the Sony KOOV Coding blocks. Young innovators will use their imagination to build and code vehicles, cameras, animals, etc and bring them to life with the help of sensors. They will learn skills that they will ultimately use to create and code their own robots.

Qualifications: None!

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

For more advanced programmers, this course will utilize Python and important libraries to analyze datasets and train a deep learning model to make predictions. This course will include a multitude of projects where they can use and demonstrate their AI skills. Become a part of the future of self-driving cars, facial recognition, and so much more!

Qualifications: Previous experience with Python

App Development

In this course, students will use to build a variety of apps. This course does not require any prior programming experience and it is a great place to start for anyone interested in software development! This course will end with a final project where they are able to create their own app from scratch. 

Qualifications: None!

Our 2023 summer camp registration is closed!

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