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More Computer Science Opportunities!

Kenean N.

July 21st. 2023

With summer ending, we need to begin another school year of computer science!

Opportunities always come to those looking for them.

A summer program at MIT looking for Low-income students, interested in computer science, and engineering. (also free!) Applications open in November, don't forget.

“Join MITES Summer (formerly MITES) for our six-week, on-campus program that immerses students from across the country in life at MIT.”


While hopefully you are building projects, learning new languages, and getting ready for programs, it's important to start emailing professors in CS, for research and internships to learn, and build a resume. It might take some time, but that's why you start now.

Try to reach out and see what you can do. Good luck!


Build more projects, start working on fun and inventive things, build something inventive and learn more. Codecademy, and Youtube, both have great projects for anyone to build and learn from.


Always remember to keep learning, any progress you make is progress. As long as you have a plan in mind, nothing is impossible! I’d love to add more and more opportunities as they arrive. If none of these are for you (which I hope isn't the case), Project Empower is a great resource for extracurriculars and opportunities. That's all for now.



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