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Four Futuristic Tech Inventions

Armaan Kokan

February 21st, 2023

Here are some of the most futuristic tech innovations that will help change the world:

SpinLaunch- Currently we have about 5000 satellites around the earth. It is estimated that over 50,000 will be orbiting the planet by the end of 2030. To launch these objects, however, require an immense amount of fuel. It is said that during ignition these objects burn fuel at an immensely high rate. This new launching system consists of a giant vacuum sealed wheel where the satellite is spun many times. Since it is a vacuum there is no air resistance and it is launched with a great amount of momentum which means that no fuel would be used by the time it reaches space.

ASKA A5- The flying car that debuts 2023. This is similar to the car from the series Back to the Future. With a speed of over 150 mph it has propellers that help it travel for over 250 miles. The wings extend for so long that it would almost be impractical to use on the road. The way our current transportation system is made, it will be impossible to implement this idea. To add to that, it costs around 800 thousand dollars.

Project CETI (Cetacean Translation Initiative)- This nonprofit organization is applying advanced machine learning and gentle robotics to translate the communication of whales. Why whales? Whales are the closest to humans in communication. They have the ability to understand and communicate within their community. This is the first step towards interspecies communication. There are many partners for this project including Harvard University, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Oxford.

Gene Predictions- People’s genes can be used to predict people’s health issues, heart diseases, and even diabetes. This is under the works of a multitude of companies where they are reading many types of people’s DNAs to find patterns of certain hereditary diseases and illnesses.


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