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Math in Computer Science?

Armaan Kokan

January 8th, 2023

Most people think computer science is programming, understanding software, and building applications. Although that is part of computer science, most of computer science involves a lot of theory and due to this requires a deep knowledge of mathematics.

Most degree programs around the world will require students to complete calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics, and statistics. These are the courses that set the basis for understanding important concepts like data structures and algorithms. Math is the fundamental language of computers and we will discuss this further. Let’s dive deep to the core mathematical concepts:

  1. Binary Mathematics: For all mathematical concepts, the binary number system only uses two digits: 0 and 1. This simplifies the coding process. Computers store and read data using the binary system. For example, games that you code are converted to binary so the computer can actually read and execute the steps.

  2. Linear Algebra: This is the language of machine learning. This branch opens into multiple computer subfields like graphics, image processing, cryptography, computer vision, computational biology, and web search. Linear algebra is what makes games look so stunning.

  3. Calculus: Calculus by definition studies the rate at which change occurs. There are two types of calculus: differential and integral. It is often used in problem-solving applications, game programming, and computer security. The rate of change is an important ingredient in many algorithms. A computer can predict outputs using this rate of change.

  4. Discrete Mathematics: The backbone of computer science. Its unique nature covers logic, probability, combinatorics, set theory, and graphs. This works with objects that can have separate distinct values. This is accounted as an effective approach for developing and problem-solving strength.

  5. Statistics: This branch of math is especially useful in speech recognition software like Alexa and Siri. Upon receiving your voice, Siri converts the sound frequency to code. This code then is broken down to identify patterns, phrases and keywords. Statistics help computers process enormous amounts of information in the blink of an eye.

These fundamental math concepts are very crucial in computer science. Although these concepts are very hard to fully grasp, with the help of mentors, student study groups one can fully understand these math concepts and improve their fundamental knowledge of subjects such as computer graphics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


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