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New Years Coding Resolutions!

Kenean Nooks

January 8th, 2023

As we enter a new year, it's a great time to reflect on our goals and set intentions for the year ahead. For those in the coding community, here are some New Year's resolutions to consider:

Learn a new programming language or technology.

Expand your skill set and stay current in the industry by learning a new programming language or technology. This could involve taking online courses or attending workshops and meetups.

Improve your coding efficiency.

Set goals for yourself to write cleaner, more efficient code. This can involve learning new coding practices and techniques, as well as implementing code review and debugging strategies.

Contribute to open-source projects.

Give back to the community by contributing to open-source projects. This can involve submitting bug fixes, adding new features, or participating in the development process.

Network and collaborate with others in the industry. Take the time to connect with other developers and share knowledge and experiences. Maybe try….

  • attending coding events

  • joining online communities

  • participating in hackathons

Stay up to date with industry trends and developments. Make an effort to stay informed about the latest trends and products in the coding industry. blogs, subscribing to newsletters, or attending industry conferences, is a great way to get started.

No matter what your goals may be, the New Year is a great time to set intentions and work towards growth.

Happy coding, and Happy New Year!


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