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Security and Privacy Concerns in the Digital Age

Kenean Nooks

February 5th, 2023

The current state of AI

OpenAI, Chatgpt, Chatbot. If you haven’t heard of these terms, you’re living under a digital rock. With its numerous implications (Check out Chatgpt, the AI of the future) big search engines like Google are on the chopping block for the best search engine. Even worse, with GPT-4 (Chatgpt with a larger training set), we see that AI is getting much, much more powerful. What could this mean? Not much. Thankfully, Chatgpt has blockers for harmful content, so I think we’re safe for the most part. Although people seem to get around this with tricking prompts like DAN or others, again, it doesn't know everything, so I think we’re far from the hardened chatbot criminal mastermind. I hope so.

Potential future developments and advancements in AI

I don’t believe that AI will have a place in our homes or at least in the way that it does in futuristic movies or anything of that matter, but of course, that will all up the speculation, but it is interesting to talk about. If something like that happens, I'm sure extra security measures would be in place, but as there isn't any development of such, I think we’re clear on this front.

Ethical considerations surrounding AI

Will AI be used for public surveillance? Will AI be used as A way to watch over us? What is Ai and what implications does it mean to us now? People will not hesitate to use Ai for their own gain. Maybe for consumer management, documenting habits, or into our most private technological endeavors… After all, Ai is powerful. But, food for thought. Right?


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