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Tips For Beginner Programmers

Kenean Nooks

November 26th, 2022

If you are into computer science or not, most people have thought about creating their own game or program - and it's possible. Here are some of the best resources for learning code.

Choosing A Language

If you don’t know what a programming language is, it's basically the “format” of what you're writing code in. There are a lot of options. I, along with the majority of the programming community, would tell you to start with Python, as it is simplistic, contains many libraries (or collections of prewritten code that users can use to optimize a task, like game development, or websites), and is a respected language amongst programmers. If you feel you need to make an informed choice, here are some other options.

  • Java - Harder than python, used in games such as Minecraft or in the creation of other applications

  • LUA - Used to make Roblox games, and used in some other popular platforms.

  • C, C# - on the more difficult side, can be overwhelming but good in, for example, competitive programming.

Learning Your Language

Here are some ways to immerse yourself in your chosen language. Although advertisements and programs try to convince you with expensive camps or programs, there are suitable ways to learn for free.

  • FreeCodeCamp - Front-end development, thousands of videos, and free.

  • CodeCademy - Much more interactive, and fun to use.


The best way to improve in your chosen language is with projects. If you want to make games, websites, GUIs, or graphics, you should research your programming language libraries. For example, if you chose python, here is what you’d be looking for.

  • Pygame - Game development library for python

  • Flask - create websites with python

  • Tkinter - create GUIs with python

Of course, if you aren’t using python, your own language would have its own separate tools for these tasks. For example, Unity for game development uses languages like C++ and C. My point is, there are programming languages for everyone!


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