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Tome AI: Generative Storytelling

Armaan Kokan

February 5th, 2023

In the field of numerous AI breakthroughs like ChatGPT , DALL-E, and Luna there are many upcoming AI’s that are gonna serve specific purposes. The AI’s before placed emphasis on generative text and image technology but nothing was there to blend these cohesively and convey a story.

There comes Tome AI, which quickly creates a presentation to answer a particular question. Tome uses ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 natively to generate ideas and make perfect images that match the specific idea. Just like ChatGPT, make sure the prompt you give is specific so it can answer your questions to the best of its abilities.

Now you may wonder what the use of this AI can be. I believe the use cases for any learning model like this are endless, but the primary function is to overcome writer’s block and craft the first narrative. Although these can’t be presented at a company, the power to make the first draft is perfect. It takes away all the preliminary planning which might take a long time.

Some prompts I tried and got an almost perfect answer are:

  • Where should I go for a weekend getaway? I live in Atlanta and don’t want to spend more than 300$ on a flight.

  • What are all the philosophical beliefs of Immanuel Kant?

  • What can I do on a weekend in Vegas with less than 100$ to spend each day?

  • Give me a presentation on the intersection of biology and computer science focusing on genome editing, cancer detection, and mutation probabilities.

Most of the presentations generated have around 8 slides. If you ask for more or less it will also do it, but make sure to ask at the start because unlike ChatGPT, it can’t be talked to back and forth. A prompt should be given and it gives a solution in the form of a presentation. However the presentation can be edited directly in the app itself.

Currently, its best uses are for generating presentations and helping with writer’s block. For the images, it also doesn’t do any bar graphs or complicated images but just plain simple images. Only time will tell how the AI evolves and becomes more intelligent to meet our needs.

We also need to remember that right now these AI’s are tools that can supercharge our lives and help with these tasks that we might spend too much time on otherwise.

If you want to try the app out, here is the link:


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